Nova Orbis will help you solve the questions that normally arise when establishing a new company and operating your business in the US.


What structure shall I choose for my US Entity? LLC, C-Corp, or other?

Nova Orbis will analyse your business, understand your "modus operandi" and present to you several alternatives that are available in the US for incorporating or organizing a company. So, you will be able to choose the most suitable structure for your needs, or count with the support of our associated partners, that can be either a CPA or a Law Office.

What is the most adequate Business Model for my company? I know how I operate in my home country, but how can I adapt this Business Model for an US operation?

Nova Orbis works in a consultative manner side by side with the client, in order to adapt the business model to the projected US structure and its operation, retaining the values and characteristics that the shareholder wishes to keep, but with the necessary adaptations to the local way of doing business.

And what about taxes...?

One of the most frequent doubts of all our clients is how will the taxation structure work when setting up a company in the US, having assets and a parent company abroad. Nova Orbis developed reliable partners such as CPAs and Law Offices that are qualified and certified to address these issues, giving the confidence that the client needs to mitigate the eventual liabilities in the process.

When forming a company in the US, do I need to have a Tax ID? How can I have one issued?

Yes. All companies that are incorporated or organized in the US territory must have a Federal Tax Identification number, that Nova Orbis can help your company on the issuance. For the State and County taxes, Nova Orbis counts with the expertise of our associated CPAs and Law Offices.

Taxation in the US and abroad: Do I have to pay double taxation?

All companies that are established in the US must pay taxes. However, for several countries (including Brazil) there are bilateral taxation agreements where you pay the whole tax in one of the countries, and only the brackets difference in the other. Our CPAs and Lawyers can and will provide a detailed vision according to each case.

Do I need to be a legal permanent resident (green card) to own a company in the US, or to have a bank account?

No. Any foreigner can invest in a company in the US, and also can have a bank account.
However, if you do not have a work VISA you cannot have a work compensation within the national territory. You must have local employees that are legally authorized to work in-country. Nova Orbis has partnerships with Immigration Law Offices in the US and abroad, that can present to your company the immigration alternatives as to not jeopardize your investment due to immigration issues.

If I invest in a real estate in the US - Am I automatically qualified to request a Green Card or a legal resident VISA? In this case, am I allowed to work within the US?

The fact of having an investment in the US, in real estate or other investment, does not necessarily qualify yourself for a Legal Permanent Resident VISA (Green Card) nor for a work VISA or a work permit.
There are several Investment VISAs approved by the US Congress, but there are strict rules that must be followed in order to be qualified for requesting one of them, being an immigrant VISA or nonimmigrant VISA. Nova Orbis can facilitate the approach and recommend successful Law Offices that are legally authorized to present immigration solutions to you and your company. In our assessment, we can identify the characteristics of each case and forward to an immigration law office that fits better to your needs.

I want to transfer part of my investments to the US. Do I need to have a Green Card or a Work VISA to invest in the US Financial market?

No. You can invest in the US Financial market regardless of your immigration status. However, all suggestions and professional support for investing in the US must be made by a Certified Financial Advisor. Nova Orbis has developed a professional and reliable network of certified professionals that partner with our company to present solid and low risk solutions to our clients, and we will be glad to present you our partner Financial Advisors. If you prefer to invest directly through banks, we have excellent relationships with the largest banks in the US, such as Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, and we can put you in contact with the banking managers that are used to doing business with foreigners - even bank managers that speak Portuguese, if this would be the case.

Sometimes the faster way to jump into an established market is to acquire an ongoing business. Can Nova Orbis help me on that?

We surely can.
Nova Orbis has certified Business Brokers among our partner companies that can search for your desired company to be acquired, and provide all the paper work and legal procedures to accomplish this acquisition.

Our idea is to acquire a few real estates and build up our business from scratch. How can Nova Orbis support us?

We have realtors and brokers among our partnership structure that can procure these real estates for you. We can also help on setting up or even adjusting your business model to the american way of doing business for each one of the desired points of sale, having in mind that each and every US State may have different laws and regulations that must be followed, different minimum wages and other particularities.

I need to have a professional high-level Business Plan for starting my company in the US, and this Business Plan may or may not be used to raise funds. Do you offer this kind of service?

Yes, this is actually our comfort zone. Nova Orbis counts with high skilled professionals that occupied Senior Executive positions in large multinational companies such as INTEL, Camargo Correa, Citibank, Telefonica International, CSN, Aços Villares, SKY TV, among others. These Executives hold several top-tier qualifications, such as International MBAs, MSc, MEd, from renowed institutions like USP, HARVARD, WHARTON, VANDERBILT, and are skilled and able to easily interact with your C-Level executives or work teams. Also, we have a writing team that is absolutely prepared to elaborate the english written part of the Business Plan as they are native english speakers.
Nova Orbis provides the in-depth market analysis for your company involving competence, Market Suggested Retail Prices, Distribution Channel margins and markups, geographic segmentation analysis, and Marketing Communication plan, including Public Relations.
We are very well positioned to follow up with the implementation of the projected plan as well, materializing the projected scenarios, and making the effective quarterly revisions according to the market's reactions of each move.

The only thing I need is to commercialize my products in the US market. Can you help my company on that too?

Yes, obviously. Depending on your products, there are some licenses that may be required to market your product in the United States of America. It all starts with trademark registration, patents, and licenses and approvals for entities like the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). Having passed these requirements, Nova Orbis is experienced to select the most adequate distributors to place your product in your desired channel, and then position your products in the distributor's monthly product reviews, where the distributor decides if your product will be a good choice for their portfolio.
We also have merchandising partners in the case your product characteristics requires so, and marketing material suppliers to adapt your packaging, folders, flyers and point of purchase material.

So... If I happen to have any other necessities in my company in this movement to enter the US market, can I contact Nova Orbis?

Yes, you should. Nova Orbis is a company that is specialized in Strategic Planning for new entrants in the US market. Because of that, we developed a considerable experience with several business service providers and we keep the best at reach, as to recommend to our clients those partners that we do know that work well, and that we have had previous positive experiences with other clients. Therefore, if we cannot provide directly the services, we surely can put you or your executives in contact with partner companies that are well positioned to offer that specific service (some services need specific licenses and certifications).

Ok. I understand that you can be a single point of contact for my company's needs in my new market innitiative. When and how can I contact Nova Orbis?

Nova Orbis can orchestrate your movement to the US market, in the velocity that you understand will work better for you and your company, by facilitating our reliable solid network of qualified certified service providers.

Act  NOW   and give us a call or send us a contact request via email.