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A reliable partner for a complex new market entrance.

When entering a new market as complex as the United States of America, a responsible company owner must select a knowledgeable local partner to guide and advise the most effective path that shall be taken.

Strategic Planning is essential to avoid heavy losses and liabilities that can be generated in a new market process.

Your company is UNIQUE. We know that.

Nova Orbis knows that each company has got its unique characteristics, and this is a serious issue.

Our consulting process studies your present business model and designs jointly with the client the most adequate path to be taken, according to the business objectives for that particular venture.

A serious consulting partner must orient and advise the client of the path to go through, however he knows that the client's objectives must be taken seriously and professionally.


Company Formation

Business Modeling

Financial Feasibility Analysis

The Business Plan

Most Adequate Qualified and Certified

Company Formation

Nova Orbis can help you in all your needs to organize or incorporate a for-profit company in Florida. If you choose to form a C-Corp, a LLC, a partnership, a S-Corp or a PLLC, we can help you and you will be up and running in as less as a few working days.

Florida Division of Corporations registration
FEIN/Tax ID issuance
Company Management Documents
Support for opening a local bank account
Stocks Certificate/Membership Certificates issuance
Office lease guidance & support for co-working spaces
Temporary address for company formation
Act as Registered Agent

Business Modeling

Already have a Business Model that you want to adapt from your home Country to the US?
We can work together with you and your team to model your new US business to the US format, including staffing, payroll, expenses, and (with the support of one of our associate CPA offices) even tax structures.

Still deciding how your Business will work, or even considering to build a new Business Model?
We can do that for you: Business Model Canvas.

Financial Feasibility Analysis

This is the cornerstone of a reliable and coherent Business Plan or Strategic Plan.

In order to have a clear vision of the financial figures for your business model, and even to identify the proper amount to fund the investment on your business, it is vital that a financial model shall be constructed, tailored to your specific case. This financial model will project important figures for your business such as Capital Expenditures, Operational Expenses, projected cash flow, monthly funding needs, payroll and personnel, P&L (Profit and Losses), cost structure, inventory, dividends distribution, tax projections (with our associated CPA companies' expertise) among others.

Nova Orbis developed a comprehensive consulting process that culminates with a tailor-made spreadsheet that will be the financial model and will serve as a management tool for the day-to-day business operations.

The Business Plan

There is a common confusion between a Business Plan and the Strategic Planning for a company: we can define the Business Plan as a tool for a new company, and the Strategic Plan is the detailed plan for a company that already exists and operates for more than a fiscal year.

Being the most important tool for a new company as it foresees how the endeavor will perform and operate, the Business Plan will detail in writing the major points that will define the company itself.

There are several uses for a Business Plan: as a management tool, as an imperative fundraising tool or even for immigration purposes in processes like E-2, L-1 or EB-1 Multinational Executive Transfer petitions.

From the conventional definition of Mission, Vision and Values, it shall cover in details substantial components, such as staffing, job descriptions, marketing plan, market strategy, competence, key personnel qualifications and background, market differentials,  logistics, premises, suppliers, inventory, manufacturing process, distribution channels, customer care, RMA, strategic partnerships, licenses, trademarks and patents, and obviously the financial figures that were determined by the Financial Feasibility Analysis.


Most Adequate Qualified and Certified Partners for your Business

Setting up a new business in a foreign Country is a tough process when you decide to do it by yourself.

Also it can be very risky, as it has got the potential to rocket your company... or to generate heavy liabilities that can jeopardize the whole endeavor.

Unfortunately, when entering a new market an entrepreneur often  faces the risk of joining forces with business partners that may not be the best in their fields, and one of Nova Orbis duties as a Full Management Advisory company is to prevent our clients to engage with a wrong partner.

Nova Orbis already developed a comprehensive network of important well-established companies that we present and refer to our clients, according to their specific characteristics and needs:

Business brokers
Franchise partners
Law Offices
Expatriation Experts
Insurance brokers (business, car, health and life)
Financial Advisors
Co-Working spaces (offices lease)
Web Designers / SEO
Logistics Operators (Warehouses, trading companies)
Headhunters & Human Resources
Retail Brokers and Distributors
Marketing Communications Suppliers
Graphic Design companies
Respected Car Dealers
Family Concierge Office

It is normal that an entrepreneur will bump into several doubts when preparing to enter a new market.

That's the reason that we are here for our clients.

So, it is time for you to contact us and then we can set a video call or a personal meeting, where we can assess how our company may assist you.